Mr da Assunção consults on any problems related to the knee or hip as well as problems related to trauma or fractures. After consultation and any necessary diagnostic procedures, such as X-rays or scans, a treatment plan will be agreed. Fortunately, musculoskeletal problems are seldom life-threatening and the decision to have an operation or other treatment is made by the patient after a complete explanation of the risks and benefits of surgery. Patients are also provided with resources that allow them to make an informed decision and Mr da Assunção strongly encourages his patients to use all the information available when making a health-related decision.


Mr da Assunção has experience in most orthopaedic procedures of the knee and hip, with a focus on replacement and reconstruction. He has a particular interest in joint preserving reconstructive surgery of the knee. These procedures may be performed with minimally invasive or arthroscopic (keyhole) techniques to allow quicker recovery after surgery. Click on the buttons on this page for more information on each of these commonly performed procedures: knee replacement and revision knee replacement; hip replacement and revision hip replacement; partial knee replacement; knee reconstruction and knee arthroscopy and knee osteotomy (re-alignment surgery). In addition to these procedures, Mr da Assunção has expertise in the early and late surgical management of most fractures.