Hip Replacement

Hip replacement is widely regarded as one of the most successful operations of modern medicine. Approximately 89000 hip replacements were performed in England and Wales in 2015. The damaged hip is replaced with an artificial joint, which usually improves pain and mobility.


Most hip replacements will last a lifetime but occasionally they can wear out or loosen, particularly in young or active patients. This may require revision surgery to replace the old components. Revision surgery may be considerably more complicated than primary surgery so the decision to undergo hip replacement (and joint replacement in general) should be carefully considered.


Mr da Assunção has subspeciality and fellowship training in primary and revision hip replacement surgery and only uses implants with a proven track record and good published long term outcomes. Mr da Assunção will discuss the pros and cons of surgery carefully with every patient and treatment decisions will always be tailored to the individual. The results of hip replacement are generally excellent but complications may occur.


Detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of hip replacement can be viewed by clicking on the Total Hip Replacement booklet on this page. The NHS provides an online decision aid to guide patients considering hip replacement which can be accessed by clicking here. To view information about hip replacement from the UK National Joint Registry, click here.

Osteoarthritis of the left hip (on the right side of the image). The arrow indicates the worn out hip joint (compare to the hip on the other side).

Total hip replacement (left image) and revision hip replacement (right image) for comparison. Revision surgery usually requires more complex surgery and implants.

Total Knee Replacment Patient Information

Patient Information Booklet for
Total Hip Replacement

An animation showing the principles of total hip replacement. 
Courtesy of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

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